Brave Men Run

Check out a great audiobook called Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick. You can listen to the audiobook at LibriVox and Player.FM or visit the Amazon Link for information regarding the purchase of the ebook or paperback. I find myself replaying the latest podcast episode in anticipation of the next episode. Currently, I’m debating whether to purchase the ebook of Brave Men Run now and read it all, or to wait until I’ve heard the entire book in the author’s own voice. Brave Men Run is a very well managed podcast & audiobook, at least as good as main stream distributors. The sound quality of Brave Men Run is better, to my ear, than most of the audiobooks that I have purchased. Keep up the excellent work!

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Hesperia, California, November 7th, 2005 – Author Matthew Wayne Selznick has just released “Brave Men Run – A Novel of the Sovereign Era” in print, e-book, and podcast editions.

“Brave Men Run” takes a familiar theme in the super-hero mythos — the young man troubled and alienated by the powers that make him special — and gives it a twist: our hero is among the least remarkable of an emerging breed of powerful individuals; a misfit member of a remarkable new minority.

Add the dynamics of high-school teen-aged drama, first love, and an origin mystery, stir in the volatile, paranoid repression of the Reagan Era at the height of the Cold War, and you have “Brave Men Run – A Novel of the Sovereign Era.”

Selznick’s first novel, while obviously influenced by Silver Age Marvel comics (sprinkled throughout the text are several sly and loving nods to the greatest creators of that era), gives us a fresh take on the first weeks of a super-powered age as seen through the eyes of a sixteen year old boy.

“I wanted to take the ordinary angst and pathos experienced by an average outsider kid,” Selznick explains, “and pile on the added anxiety of the appearance of metahumans in a world already on the edge of mutually assured destruction. It’s ‘Spider-Man’ as directed by John Hughes.”

“Brave Men Run” is available as a paperback book. The podcast is read by the author, and Selznick embraces the role of the first-person narrator, Nate Charters.

“I had a lot of fun recording the podcast,” Selznick said. “While I’ve produced a weekly music podcast for the last year, reading my own work dramatically was a first for me. I think people will enjoy it.”

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