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The three rune spread is also known as the Norns. The Norns are the three Norse Fates. According to myth, the three Norns can be found by their spring that flows from beneath one root of the ash tree Yggdrasill. (the world tree) Urdur rules over the past, Verdandi the present, and Skuld the future. This particular rune spread as set up at this site, is capable of giving you nearly 64,000 different layouts. This rune spread consists of three runes, each one placed to the left of the stone drawn previously.

From right to left the supposed relevance of each is described below:
1. Represents the past or an overview of the situation
2. The present state or the challenge to overcome with this situation
3. The course of action called for to manage this situation or if reading from a passive view the likely outcome from the present state

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