The Runes Defined

The following is a list of runes with their pronunciations, short definitions, and upright/reversed options. For more in depth descriptions, select upright or reversed.

Wyrd – (wErd) The Unknowable, Divinity of all human endeavors (upright)
Mannaz – (mahn’-nahz) The Self, man, woman, the entire race (upright) (reversed)
Gebo – (ge’-bO) Partnership, A sharing between partners. A gift of oneself to Oneself. (upright)
Ansuz – (ahn’-sooz) Signals, Odin, messages, signals, gifts (upright) (reversed)
Othila – (O-thee’-lah) Heritage, Inheritance, severance, shedding, sloughing off (upright) (reversed)
Uruz – (oo’-rooz) Strength, growth, rebirth (upright) (reversed)
Perth – (perth) Initiation, Hearth, hidden or secret matters (upright) (reversed)
Nauthiz – (now’-theez) Constraint, Need, necessity and obstacles (upright) (reversed)
Inguz – (in’-gooz) Fertility, New beginnings. Sharing. Ing – earth (upright)
Eihwaz – (eIh’-waz) Defense, Yew tree, Strength through endurance (upright)
Algiz – (ahl’-geez) Protection, acceptance and understanding, yield strength, Elk (upright) (reversed)
Fehu – (fA’-hoo) Possessions, wealth, nourishment, fulfillment (upright) (reversed)
Wunjo – (woon’-jO) Joy, benefits gained, blessings (upright) (reversed)
Jera – (jE’-ra) Harvest, One Year. Long term beneficial outcomes (upright)
Kano – (kA’-nO) Opening, Beacon, fire, renewed clarity (upright) (reversed)
Teiwaz – (tI’-waz) Warrior, Tyr (sky), Spiritual Warrior, battle of the Self (upright) (reversed)
Berkana – (ber’-kah-nah) Growth, growth and rebirth in all matters, birch (upright) (reversed)
Ehwaz – (eh’-wahz) Movement, Horse, progress, new attitudes (upright) (reversed)
Laguz – (la’-gooz) Flow, water, fluidity, ebb and flow (upright) (reversed)
Hagalz – (ha’-gulz) Disruption, Hail, Breaking free of ones mental constraints (upright)
Raido – (rA’-dO) Wagon, Journey, communication, union and reunion (upright) (reversed)
Thurisaz – (thoo’-rih-saz) Gateway, Giant, thought before action, contemplation (upright) (reversed)
Dagaz – (de’-gaz) Breakthrough, Dawn, Transformation – often quite radical (upright)
Isa – (I’-sa) Standstill, Ice, Personal or spiritual withdrawal (upright)
Sowelu – (sO’-wA-loo) Wholeness, Life force and self realization, the sun (upright)