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These pages and runes in general are a not psychic readings. They do not give answers. They can be fun. They are similar in usage to the Book of Changes (also known as the I Ching), and Tarot cards. Runes, like all divination tools, are just applications of interpretation, randomness and application of selective observation.

The runes are at best a reflection of the person using them. The belief system of the early users of the runes held that everything in the world was alive, and that it must be treated with respect. The runes were a way of “speaking” with this world. Runes were also considered a tool for personal growth and personal understanding.

The Rune spreads and Rune descriptions provided on this site are provided to demonstrate how chance, cherry-picking and interpretation have been used to promote various divination tools. The meaning is almost never obvious, almost always useless, always subjective, and never something upon which you should base real decisions. With that in mind have fun exploring the definitions Runes and their spreads.